Cover Art Save Problem

hi. i have read all topics related this and did the suggestions made by others (removed APE in both read&write) section in mpeg options but still artwork is not showing up after i hit "ctrl + s".

i mean i drag and drop art pic and it is showing but after saving the pic is get lost. it used to work but not now.

also i have a suggestion can you please add shortcuts for this actions (done under mpeg in options) to right click menu? because right now it is ridiculous to go in settings and changing actions at there. actions should be on right click menu. for example removing ape tags should be on right click menu so i wouldnt have to go and do lots of settings to simply remove ape tags from the files right? right clicking on files and selecting "remove only ape", "remove only id3v1" & "remove only id3v2" tags would perfectly work for right click menu.

Where doesn't the picture show? Mp3tag? The player?


If you save only ID3V1 tags then you don't get a picture as that is not supported by that standard.

writing id3v2 is checked in the options.

But then it looks like you never read the freshly saved V2.3 tag again but you only read V1 tags.
Switch on to read V2.3 tags as well.

yeah finally that worked. this is kinda complicated but i understand now. i think this mp3 technology should get rid of both ape and id3v1 tags. one final tag (id3v2 ?) is enough and should be standart.

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