Cover art saved to WAV isn't displayed in Groove

Hi. I am having the same problem but so far only with one album. I have disabled ABE, removed, resized cover image, tried another jpeg, png. Nothing seems to work.

What kind of files do you try to modify?
Which tag versions do you read and write?

OK, thank you for the dumps.
As you apply the covers to WAV files and it looks like the tag panel shows that you actually have embedded the cover - how do you know that the covers are not saved? If you get this impression from your player ... then it probably does not support tags in wav files.

Thanks. I'm converting to .mp3 to see if it works better in Groove Music. I'll update when finished.

Yes!. It worked. Thank you so much for your help and a great application.
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I don't think Groove reads ID3 tags from WAVE files, but that is where the embedded covers get saved. ID3 for WAVE is non standard, even though quite some software supports it. There is otherwise actually no standard way to embed cover art into WAVE, so if you want to stick with WAVE the best option likely is to store the cover art as separate files.

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Yes you are correct. The original files were .wav I converted to .mp3 and it worked perfectly. I prefer FLAC but that was the only format available for this particular album.

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From wav you can convert to FLAC and stay lossless. Plus have the ability to tag and embed the album art. The mp3 format is lossy.

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