Cover Art search fields with WSS missing on one PC

I have two Win 10 64 bit laptop computers running MP3Tag v 3.16. The dropdown when accessing Cover Art/Discogs is different in that one computer does not show the options to include more specific search fields, i.e. artist: etc.
Now, these computers are not identical. The one exhibiting this behavior is an older computer and as such is running a slightly older release of Win 10 as the newer releases no longer support some of the hardware installed. I removed MP3Tag, there were two versions 3.14 & 3.16, and reinstalled the 64 bit 3.16 version but that had no effect on this.

You could check what kind of installations you chose on each PC.
See Help>About for the installation mode.

Also, see File>Open Configuration folder and check the contents of the Data\Sources folder and see whether the web source script that you are looking for is present on both PCs.

You could then copy the missing script to the other PC.