Cover art seems to be missing

I've been using mp3tag for years and had previously used it to add cover art to all my music where the songs didn't have it. I recently had to create a new Windows 10 user profile, because my old profile was corrupt. I didn't try and transfer mp3tag's user settings, because I hadn't made a lot of customizations. Unfortunately, when I opened Mp3Tag and pointed it at several of my album folders it shows the default no cover art image image; however, the covert art is there and visible if open the folder using File Explorer (and not the folder.jpg file). Fortunately, it's only not showing the cover art on a small percentage of my folders which Groove, WMP, and iTunes show. I've got the latest mp3tag version and all of my songs tags are ID3v2.3. Any idea why Mp3tag does not show the cover art that is already embedded in the file and a fix/workaround I can use to make it work? It's failure to do so is making my obsessive compulsive hair on my neck raise! :wink: Thank you.

To find the files without embedded covers in MP3tag use the filter
%_covers% MISSING
You then may use an action of the type "Import cover from file" with the
Format string: *.jpg
to get any file that may reside in the file's folder as cover - if you have folder.jpg then most likely that one will be taken.
Toggle the filter to find those files where there really is no embedded cover, not even after the import. I fear there is then no way around it but to look for the covers again and really embed them.

If you do not trust MP3tag, then try the tool "Mp3diags" as linked in this thread:

This tool has an option to show files without embedded cover - if there are any files with that criterion.

Thank you so, so much! That worked exactly as the you described and saved me hours of work.

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