Cover Art WILDCARD Batch with Action Possible?

I have read the post on how to create an action to pull the cover.jpg file from a folder to auto set the art for the files in that folder.

My question is this:

I have named all of my are by using a brief description of the album, so each one is different depending on the folder it is in. Is there a way to create an action to pull the only JPG file that is in the folder and apply it to the album art regardless of the name?

I have tied "*.jpg" and that doesn't work.

Is there a way to do this or will I have to go back and rename all of them to cover.jpg or a name that is all the same in order to use the batch action?

Thanks in advance.

Wildcards are not possible here.
If you brief description of the album is the album name, you can use %album%.jpg or %artist% - %album%.jpg. If it is a name which can not be constructed from the tag-fields, the filename or the foldername, you have to rename them first to import them all in one go.

... or one or some user defined tag-field/s too!


I've read this question about ten times here in the forum and always answered it is not possible with random filenames. But right now I had THE IDEA:

1. Step:
Go to: File > Options > Tags. In the field "Restrict incoming files to:" add
*.jpg (or/and *.gif , *.bmp , whatever you need). When you now load a directory into Mp3tag, jpg files are also listed.

2. Step:
Use the Filter (F3) with

%_extension% IS jpg
%_extension% MATCHES (jpg|jpeg|png|gif|bmp)

3. Step:
Use the Tag - Filename Converter with:


4. Step:
Now you can import all you all your images with the standard Import Cover From File action. Use: