Cover art with iTunes

Hello All,
I'm stumped by the following. I have changed the cover art on a few songs to like a Top 10 instead of the cover art that I had originally placed onto the file. When I import into iTunes as you can see in the image, the correct cover art is displayed by the number "3" on the top, but on the lower left that same song has the original artwork associated with the file. Can someone tell me what's going on and if it's an MP3Tag issue or what? Thanks in advance. - Izzy!


As iTunes uses its own database, I would assume that this database has not been updated.
How to do that is an iTunes question.
An easy way I could imagine would be to delete the entries for the modified files from iTunes and then add them again. This should force iTunes to read the metadata again.

That's what I figured as MP3Tag shows all the correct info. Thank you.