Cover Art

All - fairly new to MP3Tag as a convert from TagScanner. My issue lies in getting cover art to display on my car radio. The radio is the Sony radio made for Ford Edge, but I had the same issue on an aftermarket radio by Kenwood. The issue is that about 1 out of 6 of my mp3's come up empty when displaying cover art. It only seems to be an issue with the car radio. All of my art shows fine in MP3Tag and all files have only one cover associated with them. I can't find one consistant factor among the growing list of files that do not display the art. I've thought issues ranged from the tag version, the cover art being something other than 'front', the size of the file, the size of the art, and the description of the cover. But there isn't consistancy amongst any of those factors.

I post here wondering if anyone could suggest anything else to look for? I'd like to avoid scanning all songs of a 6K+ library on the car radio, noting the ones with cover art issues, and reloading different art.

Thanks for any help

You could check if these files really have embedded coverart with the filter
%_covers% IS ""
which shows those that don't have coverart.

If you have the files stored in individual folders for each album, you could apply the brute force method:
Without the filter applied select all files and execute a quick action (see toolbar) of the type "Export cover".
Use as filename %album%.
Do not allow duplicates.
THis creates an external file with the name of the album in each folder.

THen create a quick action of the type "import cover".
Use as filename %album%.
Do not keep the old covers.
THis reimports the cover art file into every file - and also those that did not have one before.

Then: it could be that the format of the cover file could be unacceptable for the player. SOme do not like png but only jpg.

Thanks for the filter suggestion. I ran that and it only returned the 7 files that I knew I hadn't found the art for yet. Regarding the png /jpg filetype, is there a filter or a column I could add that would give that info? I had thought that could be an issue but didn't know how to get that to display without passing through every file within the folder.

Which to add, I don't have them in individual folders - just one big mass folder with all files.


the information field
shows the type
A filter with
NOT %_cover_mimetype% HAS jp

should show all those with non-jpeg-files.

But if these 7 files that show up are also the ones that do not show any cover art it should be a minimal effort to import the correct covers manually.

No - I wish it was just those 7. I don't know how many it is in total. I just know the issue exists. I've probably only gotten through 300 - 400 of the songs and I'd say I've seen about 40 or so songs show up without the art. That's why I'm looking for that identifier so I can fix them all versus going through every song(file) on the car stereo.

Thanks for the help!

It could be, that your car stereo does not like files that either are bigger than a certain value in bytes (sometimes 200k) or exceed certain dimensions (e.g. 200x200).
You can sort the picture size with a column that has %_cover_size% as value.
You cannot see the dimensions, though. For this you would have to export the cover files again and use the Windows explorer that is able to show the dimensions (also add an extra column).
If you use the "Export cover" action with
as filename you should get all the covers into the filesystem.

Try looking at the ones that actually work first.

Write them down and take them into mp3tag. See what size of cover you use in relation to pixels/kb of the artwork and if there are any differences in the files that don't work. Sounds like a memory issues with the player so pixel size/file size may be the problem.

See this post on how to set up a column and how to use filters [F3] to narrow down the files with large file size of cover art. Unfortunately there is no way to filter the pixel size in mp3tag as yet.