Cover Art

Hello Mp3tag forum members.

I am very confused regarding Cover Art.

I rip my CDs using Windows WMP. This seems to find the cover at the same time as it finds track titles etc. I know this because WMP displays the cover during the rip.

After successful ripping to my hard drive, there are a few system (hidden) files in the album’s directory that contain the CA.

However, when I display the album in Mp3tag, the cover art is missing in the bottom left of the screen. It’s easy enough to correct; I drag the file “folder.jpg” to Mp3tag.

I play my music in the car, using an SD card. My car’s player has the facility for showing CA which is nice. My car seems to show the CA whether I do that dragging thing in Mp3tag or not. In other words, I think my player finds the CA directly from the file called “folder.jpg”.

If I am correct, then what is the benefit of the tag field in Mp3tag for CA.


Nobody forces you to fill tag fields at all. If you do not see any benefit in embedding the cover in a file, then leave it.
On the other hand: not embedded covers get lost along the way if you copy single files out of a folder and not the whole folder or you forget to copy the separate cover file as well.
Without embedded covers you make yourself the slave of a certain folder structure and a certain player that uses folder.jpg - which by far most players don't.

Hello ohrenkino.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, that’s a good point about copying single tracks. You are also right about restricting myself in the future.

It is strange that Widows WMP does not embed the cover-art whilst it is doing the rip. Do you (or anyone) know if I can tweak WMP to do this. Alternatively, is there better ripping software I can use?


No, I don't think there is.

Well, it's lucky we have mp3tag to fill this niche.