Cover Art

I have a cover art jpg file in the folder with the music files, and Mp3Tag is set to show the art from the folder.

That means I can see the art in the tag panel.

It seems like I should be able to right-click on the image in the tag panel and tell it to use the image as frontcover.

However, to embed the art into the music file, I have to use another program and drag 'n' drop the cover art jpg over the same image that is already showing.

You can import the cover with Mp3tag and don't need to drag and drop as that increases the file size dramatically

Just create an action
Action type: Import cover from file
Format string for image filename: "name of image file" (I use folder.jpg)
Import cover as: Front Cover

Thanks for the answer. Maybe I don't understand the import process, but the cover art filenames are not consistent. It would be a lot harder to type the filename to import each time versus dragging the image into the box.

You can embed the album-art without using another program.
You can add a cover-file by a right mouse click on the cover-field and select "Add Cover".
Or you can D&D a cover-file from the windows-explorer to the cover-field of the shown cover in MP3Tag.

If the name of the cover-files in your folders have some system, i.e. "Beatles - Help - Front.jpg" that is equal for all folders, you even can import all your cover-files in one go with an import-action.

Can you give an example to what the Cover Art files are named, because you can use placeholders like %artist% %title% in the Format string dialog of the import function

Or use as Poster said, right mouse click and "Add Cover"

OK, in the Eric Clapton folder, there are 5 other folders (albums).
In each album are the music files and the corresponding cover art.

For example, Eric Clapton - Time Pieces has the eleven tracks and one jpg named ericclapton_timepiecesthebestofe_74mf.jpg (the name the album art site gave it).

Also, Eric Clapton - Unplugged has the 14 tracks and one jpg named eclapt-unplug_07.jpg (the name the album art site gave it).

When I highlight all the tracks for Unplugged in Mp3Tag, the art eclapt-unplug_07.jpg shows in the box. If I right click on the art, yes, I can navigate my directories to find the file that I am ALREADY looking at. Or, I can drag-drop the file I am ALREADY looking at over itself.

Seems like I should be able to right click on the art that I'm already seeing and say "Use this one".

There is no system in naming the cover-files, so a mass-import is not possible.
Perhaps you should use a software like AlbumArtDownloader which looks for album-covers and which you can tell how to name your fin a systemtaic way.

No, that is not possible.
But you can define the folder so that there is no navigating necessary:

Tools > Options -> Directories -> Cover Art Directory : %_folderpath%\%album%\

The "Import cover from file" action allows wildcards.
If there is only one JPG file in each album folder a mass-import is possible with this format string:

This will import the one and only JPG file into each selected file. The JPG filename won't matter.
It will also work if there are multiple JPG files, but it is unclear which JPG will be imported.

I just tried this out and it makes things much easier. Thanks!

Ahhh. This is interesting. I will have to give it a shot.

There should be only one art file in each folder. 95% of the time it is a jpg, but sometimes it is a png. I could deal with that on a case-by-case basis.

Or run the action twice and change the extension in the format string.
Then you wouldn't have to worry about which type of image was in any folder.


I can highlight multiple Eric Clapton albums, for example, and run the action. Each track gets the correct cover art imported due to the wildcard. Now I don't have to do it album-by-album.

You can import the first picture files by using wildcards, e.g. *.jpg which imports the first found picture.