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I'm using MP3TAG v2.37a, 30GB iPod Video, and Anapod Explorer to tag my AAC/MP4/M4A files and thought that I had album art embedded for most of my music collection.

I also created a column (%_Cover%) to check for files which did not have Cover Art embedded
In MP3TAG tag options I have:
READ set to ID3V1, ID3V2, APE
WRITE set to ID3V1, ID3V2, APE2
REMOVE set to ID3V1, ID3V2, APE

The problem is that the tags appear in a random fashion on the iPod, some showing the correct album art and some showing no album art. This is not even consistent as the same track may or may not show album art.

Can anyone help me here or point me somewhere which can help



I am not exactly sure what you mean. Does Mp3tag have problems reading the covers? Does your iPod have problems reading the covers? Did Anapod Explorer have problems writing the covers?


Apologies for lack of clarity.
Mp3Tag shows that the covers are present
Anapod shows the covers are present
iPod sometimes shows that the covers are present.

What I was really trying to do was eliminate Mp3Tag from the problem. For example, is this correct:

In MP3TAG tag options I have:
READ set to ID3V1, ID3V2, APE
WRITE set to ID3V1, ID3V2, APE2
REMOVE set to ID3V1, ID3V2, APE

I am not terribly good with tags and don't know whether or not, all of the Read, Write, Remove Options are valid

Hope this is clear(er)



Well, problem seems to be with your iPod then. Your Mp3tag is set correctly (you could disable APE reading if you don't use APEv2 tags).


Thanks Sebastian!

Believe it or not, I just took an album and stripped out all of the tags using the function on Mp3Tag and then reinstalled the tags beginning with the cover art, then the usual track etc tabs and bingo!!! everything seems to be ok.
Is this normal?



Sorry, this is inconsistent!!

However I have noticed that files with extension MP4 seem to behave differently from the M4A ones.

I am lost and would appreciate any help possible

Cheers and sorry about the crap information


I think you should rename the .mp4 files to .m4a
iTunes (so I guess iPod too) only treats m4a files correctly.



Dont know how to do this.



You can use this action in Mp3tag:

Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Regular expression: .mp4$
Replace matches with: .m4a

[ ] case-sensitive comparison


Thanks dano....worked a treat!!

Happy New Year to all!



I have been trying all day to get my iPod to recognize the covers mp3tag sets, but to no avail. It works when I do it through iTunes, but not through mp3tag, the iPod behaves as if there is no cover art in the files. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

I would really prefer to use mp3tag for this, because it is far superior to any other program, it makes my life vastly easier. Any ideas on how I can make my iPod show artwork? :frowning:

It's a 5.5G 80 GB iPod video, by the way.

Edit: The files are mp3s.

Hmm, could it be because mp3tag does not resize the cover art?


You can use Mp3tag to embed covers, but you must use iTunes or other ipod-sync software to transfer the files to the ipod.
Ipod reads the tags from its database and not from the files.