Cover Art

Hi to all, and mainly the developer(s).

I have been using BPM studio Pro from Alcatech for a couple of years now and pretty happy with it but i discovered a couple of months ago MP3TAG and it actually does wonders, before i was typing filenames individually one by one, now its done in a couple of seconds. :smiley:

that part works great, now my problem is, actually not with MP3TAG but with BPM Studio, after inserting cover art with MP3TAG is shows up in any other software and player, no problem here, but after changing any field (doesn't matter what - even Beats per Minute info) in the BPM studio Pro id3tag editor, the inserted cover art disappears. when re inserted with MP3TAG is stays, but when i chage any field again in BPM studio, which often happens because i'm still building my and fine tuning my 90000+ mp3 archive, it's gone again. :astonished:

Now i have 1 mp3 in which the cover art doesn't disappear after editing the tag in BPM Studio, unfortunally i do not know with which software this cover art is embeded.
Is there a way to use a different method of embedding cover art inside the MP3 file and lock it, or make it read only or something. :rolleyes:

Thanks for any suggestion and Help. :sunglasses:

No, I don't see how we could fix this.

You should contact the support of this program and demand a decent ID3v2 implementation.