Cover Artwork AGAIN!

Newbie here, sorry if this question has already been asked/answered but here goes.
I have multiple tracks all with individual cover artwork for each track that represents the 7” single when it was released. I would like to create a compilation album of all the tracks in one folder with one single “Album Cover” that shows when looking through all my albums and when I play a track the artwork for that track shows whilst playing, is this possible and could someone help please as I don’t want to mess up all the tracks that have individual artwork?
Many thanks in advance.

I think that this is a question about the player's features.
How does the player know that a number of tracks belong to an album?
Some players use a picture from the folder - but I don't know what happens when the player plays a single file. Does it use the picture from the folder or the picture from the file? And does it know when to use which?

MP3tag supports to embed pictures with different type attributes - but I doubt that the players do that also.

Thanks, I wouldn’t be using any special media player. I would just be using my laptop (either mediamonkey, musicbee, iTunes or iPhone/ iPad. So it looks like I can’t achieve this then?

As I said: It's a player feature.
You would have to investigate whether there is such a function at all in the player and how the player then likes to have the data.
As a start you could try to put the album picture into the folder of the tracks for that album and then see whether the player shows that. Names for such files may be folder.jpg or cover.jpg.
And once you have found that function, then, in many cases, will MP3tag be able to export such cover pictures with the preferred name.

Sorry for being dumb, I understand how to put a “cover.jpeg” into a folder but how do I get mp3tag to export the cover.jpeg?

Try an action of the type "Export cover to file"

If you already have 1 embedded image for the single and one for the album, then you can select which one you want to export, provided you have set different %_cover_type%s.

When you set the filename in the action, do not set the extension as that depends on the image type and MP3tag will set it accordingly.

Thank you for taking the time to explain, I’ll give it a go.