Cover Dimensions in search results

Suggestion: List cover dimensions in a column of the search results.

At least for Musicbrainz you can set the minimum pixel size, see

Thank you, but I'm unterested in seeing tne dim. Before I make a selection to view.

I don’t understand your request. You want to see the cover dimensions, but only if you have a filter set? There is no way to have columns appear conditionally.

You can create way additional columns in he viewer, and use the cover dimensions either separately, or combined in one.

He's talking about the search results from Discogs or Musicbrainz etc., not a filter.
I think he wants a column showing cover dimensions in the search results dialogue after using a tag source script.

For MusicBrainz as data source, this is currently not possible.
Reason: AFAIK there is currently no such information saved at MusicBrainz. The covers itself are saved at the Internet Archive (external partner of MusicBrainz). They don't return the dimension for the originally uploaded cover.

As @ohrenkino wrote: You can choose one of the prepared fixed cover sizes in Mp3tag:
but you can not see the dimensions for the "Original" MusicBrainz covers in the album search result.