Cover do not save when using tag sources

Hi all,

First of all, a big thanks to Florian and all - I have been using Mp3Tag for a few years - It is a great software.

Now for the past couple of month approx, I have experienced an annoying problem.

While I have been able to work with tag sources to import my IDtag info, either from discogs or Musicbrainz or Google Play (via forum script), I have not been able to import/save covers.

In short:
1 - I select the tracks I want to update the IDtag for
2 - go to tag sources and choose an option
3 - match the tag sources script option with my selected track (I see the cover as well as the other info)
4 - I click on Save

from here:

  • If I chose a Tag Source script importing all tags in step 02, I see a confirmation that tags have been saved for the number of files selected (i.e. if I selected 10 tracks, I see " Save tag in 10 of 10 files"), and all ID tag info are saved to my tracks, except for the cover
  • If I chose a a Tag Source script from the Cover Art sub section in step 02, the matching process still works fine, but the when I save the wanted cover to my tracks, I see the following message "Save tag in 0 of 0 files", despite having selected a number of files in step 01. The cover, here, is also not saved.

To note:

  • I am running Mp3Tag v2.97 on a Win10
  • when I import a cover "manually," from a file on my computer, and save this to my tracks, it all works fine.
  • my files are not read only and no different that they were couple of months ago.
  • I have re-installed Mp3Tag from scratch, but this did no difference.
  • I have no relevant info in the Mp3tagError.log file.
  • I couldn't find any related info/similar problem in the rest of the support forum entries

I am a bit at lost as to where to go from here, in order to investigate further what is going on. Would anyone here have an idea what to troubleshoot next?

I would be grateful for any help/info, in any case.

Many thanks in advance!


see the Utils button at the bottom left of the tag sources results dialog.
In that one you see functions that set how to treat covers:
Save them to file and/or save them to the file system.

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Ah !! - I did not know or see this option despite clicking on "check this album on ..." several times.

Many thanks for this - that was it.

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