Cover does not update

I have really annoying problem with my song covers.

First of all I made a new ordner with one mp3 file inside.
Then I started mp3tag to just add a cover from my disk to this song. All other tags were already filled.

I accidently used the wrong cover, but can't change it now!
If i try to keep the content of all other tags as it was at the beginning, it everytime switches back to the wrong cover, when I Play the song.

For example: if I just remove the album name, it shows the new selected cover. But if I add it again, the old wrong cover appears again.
It seems like the cover.jpeg is connected to the special combination of filled tags, but I don't know how to remove this connection.

I didn't forgot to save and i tried different ways to change the cover, but the problem is still there. I also reinstalled mp3tag - didn't helped as well.
Hopefully you can help me to solve it, it is really frustrating.

Thank you for your help!

It is not quite clear for me where you see the unwanted picture.
But you could check if you have not set
File>Options>Tags>"Do not show pictures from folder as album cover".

If you have not set it, then the tag panel shows the first picture it finds in a folder. You can see whether it is embedded or the picture from the folder as the embedded picture does not have a filename.

Or is it your player that does update?