cover embedded in mp3 file not showng in mp3tag?

Hey guys, I am seeing an album cover showing in explorer in one specific file if you look on the bottom left of the screenshot:

In mp3tag, the file is not showing but when I play the file from within mp3tag and windows media player opens up, the cover is showing:

Check if you have a hidden file folder.jpg in the folder and if so, delete it.
Or if you have a hidden file thumbs.db then delete this also.

Sorry, how do you do that please? If you're referring to the main folder, as can be seen here, it's set to show hidden files:

If that list in the background shows an alphabetically sorted list of filenames then there is no folder.jpg.
THis still leaves the thumbs.db file.

The bad news will be: if mp3tag does not show the cover then it is probably not an embedded one but one that is stored somewhere externally. The 2 possibilities of the hidden files are the moste likely options.

Another question is: where do you see the cover?
Only in WMP (as the explorer window does not show covers).
Then the cover is most likely in the WMP cache.
To get rid of the cache go to path
%localappdata%\Microsoft\Media Player\Grafikcache\LocalMLS
Delete the whole folder LocalMLS - WMP will recreate it.