Cover export gives a *.bin file?

Is it possible to share such an example song?
Can you send us a link where we can download such a file, maybe in a PM?

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As @ohrenkino wrote:

%_cover_mimetype% MISSING

All files listed with the above filter does not have a MIME type. The MIME types is necessary to identify the picture type (JPG, PNG) for your embedded data.

But we should find the reason, how and why such *.bin files are embedded in your songs.

let's try if it is ok to download with this link?

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Thats the big question also for me?
I have no problems to delete them al the *.bin files that is not problem i see no picture so... :frowning:

There seems to be a problem with this cover:

In the ID3v2.4 tag there is a "unknown" MIME type called "N4" (never heard about this type).
The cover description is "mage/png", missing the leading "i" for "image/png"


There is some hidden file in that location that is only 42kb. But it is not a standard image. I've tried to extract it through mp3tag, and even just copy/paste it to an image editor. But no luck. I would be careful with making any changes to other files until you identify the source of the problem.

As mentioned by @ohrenkino you may want to filter out all tracks and remove these if possible. If you have 180000 tracks, how many show no cover when you filter with this?

The file does not show a cover in MP3tag's tag panel.
The cover counter says that there is 1 picture.
The mime type claims to be N4.
MP3diags tells me that there is a picture frame but the picture could not be loaded.
I cut and pasted the tag and the faulty picture was gone.
It is not possible to delete the picture via the tag panel

So I would suggest that you create a column with %_cover_mimetype% as Value (no Field) and then sort by that column.
Any file that does not have png or jpg or jpeg as mime type should be treated.

BUT. before you do that, check the files for integrity, just to make sure that not something else is the matter

That's a concern for me too I'm worried it might be a virus you never know...??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Mp3Tag is scanning the whole music folder I have to be patient to delete those *.bin files it may take a while but they have to get out..................... :slight_smile:

The extracted PNG picture looks like this:
extracted cover new
Do you recognize this picture?

A quick google research show this app

Do you use this app to convert your files to mp3?

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Yes I recognize this one I have used it in the past when it was not so easy to find covers it was in the 80's with the frauhof encoder but I don't remember exactly it was all a long time ago.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I deleted an old PNG file somewhere.???

No i don't use this app... wat i use see above other posts...

The files have an invalid ID3v2 APIC frame, written by a buggy application.

No, but you most likely touched (either intentionally or unintentionally) your files with an app that broke the APIC frames.

Mp3tag creates the *.bin file on export/saving when it can't determine the file type from the mimetype or the first bytes of the actual image data.


The last time crashed "Platinum Notes 4" for several times???
And i had set off the indexing off the drive M: in win 10 because it was slow and redo the indexing again and it better now???
And i use Rekordbox 5.8.6 and scan my files with it???


Yes, something definitely went wrong, but I can't tell what from looking at the files. Unfortunately, I can't see a way of automatically correcting the malformed APIC frames.

But you now have a way of identifying the affected files.

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If you are not sure what causes the problems, then I would use a sample file and test it after each process step with MP3diags and see whether it is still ok.
This should single out the real cause.

For the already messed up files, I think there are now enough suggestions.

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I support @ohrenkino's advise:

Please ensure that the first 3 steps in your process:

1 Download
2 convert Platinum Notes 4
3 scan Mixed In Key 8

does not change the embedded cover.
To test it you can check it this way:

A Download a fresh no yet locally existing file
B Check, if this file has already an embedded cover (load this song in Mp3tag and check it)
C If there is no cover, repeat the step B after using "Platinum Notes 4"
and repeat the step B after using "Mixed in Key 8"

D If you add the cover in Mp3tag, then check your used actions, which one exactly add the cover to your song. (Adding the cover manually with Drag & Drop, it seems impossible to integrate a valid PNG or JPG as it results in your files.)

Let us know, which process step currently breaks your cover or write it wrong into your files.

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Thanks Guy's/Girl's.

I'm sure to locate the problem wile i processing the file's and do not direct copy the files to the final destination and test it first so i can find the problem.
I let it know here if i find something or not finding the problem, because maybe there is no problem and was it win 10 that makes the problem who knows...

Greetings Emile

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I found 9 502 *.Bin files from the mp3tags because I exported all the image files from the mp3
files and searched with explorer for those *.bin files.
Now I will manually delete and reload these files as I can't find any other solution to fix this.
I still don't know how this could have happened...
Kind regards, Emile. :hot_face: :cold_face:

I strongly advise against this approach and recommend to identify the source of the problem first, as @MotleyG wrote:

In the worst case, all your effort may be useless and you will have to repeat it again and again.

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Because i saved all covers to a file as %artist% - %title% i'm getting many *.bin files...
After the search in win10 to the *.bin files i moved the files to an other map...
If i select the files with covers in mp3tag then i click on CTRL+S to safe and the false filemarkers are gone...?
Because there were bad files the cover marker is gone in mp3tag i'm happy now and problem solved for me.

greeting and thanks for the tips, Emile.

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