Cover export gives a *.bin file?

If i export the covers from an mp3 file to the maps i get %artist%-%title%.BIN format and not a *.JPG format?
Greetings Emile.

Does this happen to all files or just one?

This should only happen when Mp3tag cannot determine the actual file type. What's the mimetype (image/...) of the cover when you inspect it at the Tag Panel?

hi, I noticed that since the last update I am now having this problem and I am only now noticing it. I always use the option to save the covers in the files themselves and have never had any problems with mp3tag it's weird I never had problems before that mp3tag changed the extension of a cover to *.bin and the cover no longer visible in mp3tag? I have almost 180000 files that I use daily I can even scan my music main folder in 1 go with mp3tag so that's supper, also writing away and updating the tag I always do first with mp3tag could it be that latest update of windows 10 plays a role in this? for now i have reinstalled the previous version of mp3tag 32bit and i will find out if that is even possible by doing some tests.. sorry for my bad english

Can you give an answer or post a screenshot regarding this question?

It might help in identifying the cause of the issue.

In the past i used *.JPG and the last years i used *.PNG and had no problems?
Now i'm searching for new files that i have saved to my music maps with...
"M:\MUZIEK$left($regexp(%artist%,^()\s'('.+')'$,$2,1),1)$left($regexp(%artist%,^()\s'('.+')'$,$2,1),1)$left($regexp(%artist%,^()\s'('.+')'$,$2,1),1)%artist%%artist% - %title%"
To see of all files have the same problem if there is a problem the last week or so i have a backup made the past week and the past mond...
I'm looking for where and when the problem started so busy busy...
I let you know how and wat i can find...
greetings Emile and thanks for the fast respons.

What does this tag panel area show for 1 file on your PC?


It looks to me as though no picture is displayed which means that the picture is somehow broken.

That is why I asked: does this happen to all files, also old ones, or just recently added ones?
Which of the steps described in this post

have you undertaken and what was the result?

Sorry i don't know how it comes i have seen it yesterday?
The only thing i know is that mp3tag gives a 1 for a cover and if i look it's no cover but a BIN file?
It takes long to scan al files (180.000) and to search for date that is changed to look when the problem is started normal i do the same procedure to convert on and on to get no double files, bitrates, tag, id's...
If i download a file i do it like so:
1 Download, 2 convert Platinum Notes 4, scan Mixed In Key 8, scan Mp3tag to set al tags and with ta ACTION i set te mp3 files to the drive.
I had never problems for many years so i don't know how it comes...

I open an PNG file and the BIN file in TXT program and the headers are diffrent.

Thats the only thing i know for know...

greeting Emile

It is a pity that you never showed us the section from the tag panel.
If the tag panel show "0" for the width or the height, then you could filter for those files with
%_cover_width% IS 0
%_cover_height% IS 0
and then delete the faulty covers.
I doubt that the problem is MP3tag but much more the source from which you downloaded the files. I would check them for integrity before any further steps are taken.

Can i search for all the (folder) BIN files in in the mp3tag files and delete them?

greeitings Emile

you could try:
%_cover_mimetype% MISSING
as filter
or the trick with dimensions

But even if you found the problematic pictures, you should still check the files for integrity - perhaps a faulty header or file type is the problem.

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its that wat you asket for?

I see only the "42KB" on the left - the 2 lines above the size would be interesting like the picture I supplied in

that shows the "mimetype" and the dimensions

There is no size it shows only some Kb's and picture? (edit: some more some les)


How can i take een ACTION to delete al BIN files in the COVERS?

The easiest way would be to filter for the files and then use the function in the tag panel to delete the embedded picture(s).
Have you tried the filter?

Do you really don't see any information about the dimension, cover type other then the 42 KB size?

MIME type for cover

No only some Kb's and it's not always the same...???

PS not all the files have this problem some are good...