Cover extraction

Dear all,

thanks to mp3tag ALL my mp3 are perfectly tagged - and mp3tag is perfect to do so.

Now I want to extract all covers of my mp3 files and name them with the title (or filename)

cover of


should be extracted and named to


Why ?
I want to browse visually through my covers as through a disk-collection ...

Of course I do not need 4 covers for a 4 movement symphony, but I can help myself later...

With my ROCK collection it was easy:
In each directory (=Album) was a file named folder.jpg and this had been renamed by batch to
Album.jpg. Done.

Excellent, as I wanted. But I do not have these extracted covers in CLASSIC... ;-(

I am talking about 70.000 Classic tracks, so no hand-extracting, please.

Hope this is possible - I am almost sure it is !

Thanks in advance, Bernd.

PS: Here is my collection I am talking about:

There is an action for that:

as format string for the filename enter:
this exports the cover from each file and creates a jpg files with the filename of the mp3 file but a different extentsion.