Cover File Please Help

Hi everyone

I have many folders that contains music

I'm making an export mte to html....

but some folders doesn't contain the cover art...

how can I make the mte file check if there is no cover file (jpg file) export the cover file automaticly without using the actions .... I need a function or command ???

is it possible or not???

You can export the embedded coverart with an action.
There is no need to do this conditionally.
Or to answer the question: no, there is no possibility to check for already existing covers in the file system.
You can look for files that do no have a cover with
%_covers% MISSING

I have 2 Actions :

1st :
if the mp3 file have a cover it will export it --> Export Cover to File --> and the name will be the %comment%

2nd :

to search if the file has a cover or not .. if not it will import any file that have the extention JPG:
Import Cover From File --> Format String : $ifgreater(%_covers%,0,'','*.jpg')

this meaning if the file has a cover it will not import the cover...but if not it will import...

in case to import cover it search if the file has or not.....
I need the same action but to search if the folder contains a JPG files or not and then if not it will export the cover

if it is possible please help .... if not no problem

As I said: it is not possible to make mp3tag first look into a folder and then act according to the result of that search.
I do not quite understand why it is necessary to do the check and if the check return the result "no cover file found" then to start the export. If you export the covers without the check then you get all folders filled with the correct file (provided you have the covers embedded in all your files).
If you have files without covers then it would be easiest to import covers only for these files with a wildcard filename.
And if you then still have files left without covers then they can be found with the filter
%_covers% MISSING
The brute force export (write all) will be just as effective as the painstaking conditional treatment.