Cover files format

Hi all, I need your support please.
Is there a way to know (or filter) the file format of image covers ?
My car support only .jpg files, I would like to check if all covers in tag has this format and not others like .png...
Thank you in advance. will convert coverart to jpegs for you.

  1. Install
  2. In windows = Hit Win+R and paste: sansemp3artsizer /1000/90 (1000 represents pixel height + width and 100 is the jpeg compression quality)
  3. Hit return
  4. Add files or folder
  5. Sort by size by clicking the original column
  6. Then only select artwork closest to the 1000pixels.

    Repeat this process for in say 100 increments OR if you're not worried about the size use sansemp3artsizer /500/90 which will resize and change format to jpeg for you resulting in all your artwork .jpeg and 500px x 500px

EDIT: to can ensure you don't affect artwork smaller than the new value by going to the options menu and checking the relevant option.


is an information field that can be used to customize file list columns.

NOT %_cover_mimetype% HAS jpeg

is a filter that will return all files that do not have a jpg embedded picture, including files without embedded art.

thank you !!!

thank you !!!

How do I see cover dimensions in pixels?
For example to see cover "500 x 500", "300 x 300", "1200 x 1100"!

Mp3Tag is not able to display this in a column.
Mp3tag Plugin released: CoverToolbox