Cover Image Dimensions



I would like to go through my entire music library and replace the low quality small cover art from my oldest tracks to higher quality larger images.

In order to identify which covers need replacing, I wanted to add a cover image dimension field to my list of columns so that I could then scroll through and identify the files that needed attention.

However, have been through the various options for adding a new column and I can't find any such value. At first I thought the cover size value would do it (listed under 'Information Fields') but that relates to the file size rather than the pixel dimensions of the image.

So, how do I go about adding a column so that I can see for exmple:

350 x 350
500 x 500
625 x 625


Thanks very much.

Picture size on grid

It is not possible to do this. See this post to show you how to show the column which displays the size in kb and filtering using F3.

You can also export the covers to files to see which ones are not matching your requirements either.


That's not possible within Mp3tag alone.
You need an external tool to analyze the cover images.
See proposal there ...