Cover Image

Why did Cover Image Not Show On Mobile Phones Music Player When i Play Files......

Some Files I Download From Internet They Show There Cover Image On Mobile Phones But My Not........

NOTE - Cover Image Show On VLC Player , I Clear Cache & Try 8/9 Times But Problem Not Solved

plz help....

Greetings, Rahul, old house!

Now then: what does your mobile phone player say about supported tag versions, cover sizes and formats?

there was no problem on file size and tag versions,..always i add tag on my files and play them on my mobile phone player and they show there cover image while playing file..

i am facing above proble from last 10 days.. i add cover image on files and play them on mobile plhone player but this time they didnt show cover image while playing...

How do you know?
Did you check the dimensions of the covers (width and height) in the files that show and those that don't?
have you checked the tag versions in the files and those that are supported by your player?
Have you checked that the covers are actually in the files and not only in the folder?
(BTW: what does the misbehaviour of your smartphone have to do with MP3tag? I mean: if it worked before then you would have to check locally, what you have changed in your workflow, you have to do the comparing of files that work and those that don't - how is anyone over the distance supposed to guess what is wrong?)