Cover images missing in MP3Tag for Flacs ripped by Windows Media Player - Can See Them in the Player and Win10 File Explorer

Yesterday, I used FlacSquisher to covert my Flac library to MP3s. I noticed a bunch of the converted MP3s were not displaying the cover images when played even though they were in the original Flac.

I opened the original Flac files in MP3Tag to see if the images were there. They were not. I believe all these Flac files that are missing images were created using Windows Media Player.

The cover images show up in Win10 file explorer and when they are played with Windows Groove player. My questions are: What happened? Where are the images and is there a way to easily fix this?

It could be that there is a hidden file with the name folder.jpg in each folder where you see the non-embedded cover.
You can easily import these pictures with an action of the type "Import cover from file".
Enter as
Format string: folder.jpg
or - if you are not sure that there is a file of that name but you want to take the first picture that MP3tag finds -
Format string: *.jpg