Cover images on WebOS

I recently plugged my portable HDD into an LG smart TV running WebOS. (The television set was rather new, so I assume it ran version 5.) It played the MP4 movies on the USB drive just fine. Alas, for the thumbnail images in the file browser, it was auto-generating previews from frames of the video files although I had attached cover images to (at least some of) them with Mp3tag. For (some?) Matroska files, it was using embedded pictures though.
Also, for folders it was stitching together the thumbs of the first four files and ignored any folder.jpg, cover.png, logo.ico or index.webp I tried.

I tried to find documentation on what kind of metadata tags and supplementary images are supported, but didn’t find anything useful.

  • Do any of you know if one can force a certain embedded image for MP4 files?
  • How can one set a poster image for folders if that’s possible at all?

I only answer so that you see that your post is not being ignored.
I had a brief search for LG smart TV MP4 picture/cover and the result was sobering: similar questions like yours have been asked in various forums and none got a decent answer if any at all.
So, apparently, I would assume that this feature has simply not been implemented.
Sorry, I can't help you in any other way.


Just to confirm that this is not an issue on your end, I too have a couple of recent model LG TV's. While both can easily access USB thumb drives and even larger portable hard drives, neither will display the cover images. I have them embedded mostly using jpg, but some png images. These don't show up. I then exported them and added both cover.jpg and folder.jpg to the containing folders for the files, again without success. This was with audio and video files.

I had the same problem when I tried to access any audio files using my local DLNA server.

So I would have to suggest it is a limitation of the OS that LG is using at this time for the audio and video players, no album covers in the file browser. :cry:

On a separate note, both of these TV's do have apps that can be installed. Using the Plex app allows a more user friendly experience, and the album art is supported. :grinning: