Cover -> JPG -> Show progressive or standard encoding

Some multimedia players have (lazzy programmed) firmware, and don't recognize embedded covers that are saved with "progressive encoding", despite the image dimensions or size.

For exmple, Audi MMS recognized both encodings until 2016.... from 2017 they "enhance" its firmware, removing the feature of read progressive encoding covers

It would be great if MP3Tag coul display in a column, the format of the cover of each file...


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For the time being, you could export the images and then process them with some tool (Imagemagick?) and then re-import them.
If you give each file a unique name, composed of the contents of the tag variables, you should easily get them out of the files and back in again.
A filename format string like
would probably gather enough data to get a unique filename - so you can save them all in a single folder and process them there.