Cover-only import

v2.84 announced "With this new version, Mp3tag comes with two cover-only Tag Sources to import cover art from Discogs."
How does this work? When I go to Tag Sources > Cover Art > I can see the options for annd (which no longer work) but nothing for Discogs.

I have registered wiht Discogs and can get the full tag info using Tag Sources > Discogs, but nothing in Cover Art.

Check the way you install Mp3tag.
If you switched from normal to portable installation and did not remove the old version, it could be that the registry still has left-overs from the older paths.
See the FAQs on installation /t/964/1
to check for the different file locations.

Can you try installing Mp3tag v2.85 again? Normally, those new tag sources get installed and copied over to the folder where Mp3tag stores its preferences.

Kind regards
– Florian

Hi Florian,
I,ve tried fully un-installing MP3tag using the Geek and Revo un-installers and on both occations when I have re-installed V2.85 it is exactly the same as before.
Is there anything else I can try?

Hi again,
I've just discovered that if I "Run as administrator" the new options show up. If I then close and reopen as a "standard" user, like I normally do, the old defunct options are back.

I've go everything working now. I deleted all the App Data folders for the non-admin accounts and created a new shortcut on the desktop. Mp3tag now opens up with the new Cover Art options without having to "run as Administrator".