Cover Only Scripts

I've found quite a few cover only scripts, but their are two search scripts currently available that I would love to see a cover only script compiled from. I would do it myself, but I wouldn't have the slightest clue where to start.

I would love to see Discogs & MusicBrainz (w/ ID) as a cover only. I haven't tried the MusicBrainz yet to see if it actually has covers, but the script searchs for them. All my albums were tagged using Picard, but without any covers. Now I'm going through and adding covers to my 80gb music collection and since all my albums are tagged by picard a musicbrainz cover search should help ease my pain :slight_smile:

Any help?

Hi Raptre,

sorry, mp3tag does not have a good automated makro functions to do that. (as far as I know!!!)
I think mp3tag is the best tag editor for your mp3s. But only the cover makro/functions are bad...
I am waiting for a better makro scripting and documentation 4 covers...
You can script a cover only search (that is not a prob and very easy), but i think you need more sources 4 covers and you need a preview. I recommed to use this applications for a perfect cover search:

First the OpenSource method:
Combine mp3tag for tagging with the Album Art Downloader. :wink:
Click here to get the Album Art Downloader
The Album Art Downloader still have many sources for covers. And you can write your own cover art search script sources... It's a very cool application.

A very popular Commercial application is Tune Up. (Not the TuneUP Utillities.... :wink:
Tune Up from
It is easyer and than the open source method, and have a huge cover database.

I tested many cover art download applications (up to 30+), but i think these two apps are the best automation Cover tools.

Thanks for your response.

I found quite a few cover scripts on here, but unfortunately they don't work the greatest. The most promising one is the search of The main problem is it turns up a lot of not found results, but when you go to the actual webpage there is a cover. They had MOST of the covers for my albums. I just had to manually go to the website and drag the cover image into mp3tag. Doing it that way took a while, but it was still faster than searching for the covers with 6 different cover search scripts. I will check out that album art downloader. Thanks.