Cover Pixel Dimension

Hello everybody,
I would like to know if it is possible to change the cover dimension, prior to insert it onto any .mp3 files; I need to have 200x200 px images.
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Yes, it is possible but not with MP3tag. Use IRFanview or another bitmap editor to achieve your goal.

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So correct me if I am wrong, there is no way to have Mp3tag doing it automatically, even by modifying some sort of config files?..
Im starting to count how many months it will take to me to have it done manually.. :slight_smile:

dbpoweramp allows me to take an artwork file that is in the directory of my album (i.e., cover.jpg or folder.jpg) and embed it into the track files (in a batch manner). And as part of the settings, I can change the size of the artwork. For example, for the files within my folder (cover.jpg), these may be 1000x1000 files, but when I create mp3 lossy version of my FLAC files, I embed the art and have it automatically changed to 300x300 size.

No, MP3tag only edits the tags. It does not edit the audiopart or the contents of other complex objects like pictures.

But: AFAIK there are several programs around (freeware and commercial ones) that do exactly this task as batch jobs.
Even the ordinary explorer allows you to search for picture files and show (and sort) their dimensions so that it becomes easier to create a list for the batch job.

I found that option but the smallest choice I get is 250x250 .. I would need at most 200x200

I just looked at dbpa on my machine and it allows me to have maximum pixel size as low as 150x150. There is also a setting for maximum file size as low as 75kb. I'm running the newest version of dbpa (14.4).

Here is my result as I try to find the option you are talking about..
Just attached a screenshot

You have to do all this in a different place. Do a "convert to" ID TAG UPDATE (won't change the audio stream just update tags), and then add a DSP for ID TAG PROCESSING. And in this section you'll see the options I mention. If you don't see ID TAG UPDATE, add that DSP from dbpa codecs page.

Ok nice job, thank you ever so much!

You can take external programs like irfanview and define an action in mp3tags tools.

ie. Parameter:
%_folderpath%\folder.jpg /resize_long=200 /resample /aspectratio /one /convert=folder.jpg

Hello everybody,
I would like to know if it is possible to create the column with the cover dimension (e.g. 1500x1500, 500x500, ...) just like nearby cover preview.
Screenshot of example is included.

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