Cover preview on the Tag Panel: External Viewer


First of all thanks for the continued support and development of this fantastic tool :slight_smile: :+1:

I just installed v3.11 and noticed this change of behaviour which kind of breaks my workflow when tagging cover art (or at least makes it slower). In previous versions it was possible with one click on the cover art to start an external image editor like e.g. IrfanView. This only worked with external cover art though.

It is a nice addition, that one can now also view embedded album art in a bigger view, but it would be even nicer if one could configure an external viewer instead of the internal one. ATM i have to double click the image and then double click on the internal viewer again vs. 1 click in previous versions.

Keep on the great work and Thanks again!




+1 :+1:t3:
It would not only be nicer, it would be much more useful (because you can do whatever you want with your cover picture instead of viewing only).