Cover real.file preview is gone

a cover file inside the folder is not displayed in cover preview anymore. only covers from cover tag are shown up

If you refer to the tag panel then you can set in the Options Ctrl+O > Tags whether you see picures from the folder

sorry I'm not talking about the cover preview it self
i meant coverfiles (the real cover.jpg) wich resides in the same folder within the mp3's which was used to be shown while no cover is inside the mp3 cover tag

I am lost - which program is supposed to show

Could you illustrate your problem with a screendump, please?

Ok once again
I do not store albumcover inside mp3 files.
But i have a file named cover.jpg inside the album folder.
Which is the same folder where the mp3 files are storded
so the folder contains fo example
[album name]
artist - 01 - title.mp3
artist - 02 - title.mp3
artist - 03 - title.mp3
artist - 04 - title.mp3

So in earlier version of MP3Tag
this cover.jpg was shown (previewed) in MP3Tag in "cover preview box"
but now nomore!
So it is easy to try it out by your self.
( is my english that poor? soory then)

I have already described where to find the option to display the first found picture file from a folder:

Have you tried that?
If there is no picture file in the folder, then nothing will be displayed.
See also the documentation:

The idea

is only easy to try out if you do not embed pictures but save them to folders only.

The option to show a picture in the tag panel can be set in
Options Ctrl+O > Tag panel.


I see that the option to show the cover in the tag panel is set.
I do not see the option from the options in >Tags

Thank you, that i was looking for
now it works again

curiously, if there was this this option before, it should have been set and i never changed that hmmm?
anyway thank you very much again

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