Cover saving.


I have configured MP3TAG to export cover files automatically within the folder directory. I have also put default tags like for genre I have put House because its mostly House music. Problem is running Action does save the cover, and to save the genre I need to click the Blue Save Button. That button also automatically savs the cover. So I see two covers inside the directory. Since Export has been configured to save covers by naming them the way I want and so I want to keep it that way.

How to get rid of cover that is saved when I press SAVE?

I seek help.

Please check again. I have never seen such a behaviour.
You can set a default cover filename in
The name may use string constants as well as the MP3tag variables, e.g.

I just did that. And then I thought when tags can be imported from a txt file why put default tags and increase work of pressing save button. I mean it can be done that way also right sir? I have to put same genre and comment in all the mp3s. How to import these two items from txt file sir.

You can import more than one field from text files. The only thing that you cannot import is a picture.
The save button saves the changes from the tag-panel in the tags of the files. It does not save data to the file system.

I am not sure if you have found the best way to tag your files.
The tag-panel is the place where you enter the data that is to be saved in the selected files. It is not necessary to put the e.g. GENRE into a text file and then import it from there. You can enter the GENRE in the corresponding input box in the tag-panel, click Save or press Ctrl-S and all the selected files get the data.

ok, got it. Thankyou very much :slight_smile: