Cover search with previews

press Alt+S, P, 1 I can confirm this is the case. Works okay, brings up the attached dialog. (see attached dialog which pops up)
Latest app versions = mp3tag 2.49 and Mp3tag Cover Preview v1.4
Can you show an image of the whole caption and menus in Mp3tag? Sorry is that not what I attached the last time? Not sure what you want. :flushed:

Ok so just an image of the complete Mp3tag window.

Here you go

Thanks (cropped the image to the part that I needed).

So both Mp3tag and the tool are running?
Can you deselect the [ ] Top option and then click the button?
Does anything happen, like bring Mp3tag to the foreground?

What if you manually start a search and then hit the Preview button when the search results are displayed in Mp3tag?

Okay so im a little further on now, I deselected the [ ] Top option. I then manually done a search by hitting Alt+S, P, 1 to search beatport for art as my script name is Cover &Preview#&1 beatport (single)

So THEN the artwork appeared in the program (see attached) even without hitting preview! which means the script is working as it should its just the ws01 button is not pointing towards the right script file. Would this have something to do with me running mp3tag portable?

The google script no longer works for me both album and single. The rest work fine.

I've fixed the Google scripts.

And again..

Missing information first: sorry for my english
...second: it´s my first post - so sorry again for everything i´ve potentially done wrong

My question is: when i try the amazon-scripts, after choosing a cover, in the dialog for information adjusting the release-fields are empty.

Am I missing something??

Thanks, Michael

I have put the tool online again!


This should be included in the main program, it will be wonderful. Just an idea.

Thanks for putting this back online. Would it be possible to add a tooltip to the 01 02 03 etc in the UI for the source you want to search for?

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It should already search for "Cover &Preview#*.src" files in the default Mp3tag Appdata location and use these.
If you have a different location check the settings.ini file for "Mp3tagDataPath=" setting.

I've put both Mp3tagDataPath="W:\Apps (Portable)\Music Apps\Mp3tag\data" which is the path wrapped in quotes and Mp3tagDataPath=W:\Apps (Portable)\Music Apps\Mp3tag\data there and there still is no tooltip.

See here:

Mp3tagDataPath=W:\Apps (Portable)\Music Apps\Mp3tag\data\sources\ is how it is expected. Does that work?

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Ah. The property Mp3tagDataPath threw me a bit so I thought it was the root directory. Tooltips are now showing. Thanks.