Is it possible to filter for cover X.Y values less than some Z pixels?
Want to check the dimensions...

Once you have the wanted data in a tag-field, you can use the Filter.

Search the forum for "cover dimension"
... or ...
use the File Browser from within the Album Art Downloader ...


I researched a little bit on the cover dimensions issue.
I forgot to mention, that my cover art is all embedded in the MP3s.
And I am only interested to know the dimensions of my cover art.
All my MP3s are in folders and all have proper album tag field.

Found various solutions, most of them proposing some external tools besides MP3tag.
I myself were not so ready to use other tools.
But, among the results you proposed, I was lucky to find the right solution for me!
I also enter it here, if others are interested.
It uses just MP3tag and Windows Explorer.
I am on Windows 7, so I don't know how they can do it in Windows Explorer for other versions.
So, the solution... (you might want to test it first for a small sample)

EDIT: Updated so that it selects only the first MP3 in each folder. (Step 03)
This update now, unfortunately, personalizes the solution according to my metadata setup,
Specifically, it finds the first MP3, based upon the filename.
So, the first files in each folder/album have: 01 - XXX.mp3. So it checks for starting with 01.
Then, there are the albums that are made out of more than one CD.
For those, personally, I have put all the MP3s in one folder/album.
Have used the discnumber, and the first filename here has: 1.01 - XXX.mp3. So it checks for
starting with 1.01. But, those 2 checks are combined with an OR, so the second check would
not interfere with other people choices, I guess. And of course, you can always change the Filter
to your liking...

  1. MP3tag.
  2. Load your root directory with the MP3s you want.
  3. Filter: %_FILENAME% MATCHES "^1.01" OR %_FILENAME% MATCHES "^01"
  4. Select some MP3s.
  5. Actions->Actions
  6. NEW
  7. Name: Export Covers (Or something like that)
  8. NEW
  9. Select: Export cover to file
  10. Format string for image filename: %album%
  11. OK OK OK
  12. Run the Action you just made for your MP3s.
  13. Windows Explorer
  14. Go to the root directory of those MP3s you did in MP3tag.
  15. On the Search bos in the upper right corner, enter: *.jpg
  16. Right-click on the results: Group by->More...
  17. Select Dimensions
  18. Right-click on the results: Group by->Dimensions
  19. Thats it!
  20. Cheers!

PS1: Hmmm.. Forgot about this part...
You want to delete them after you have done your work with them.
But I guess that's the same thing.
You just go to Explorer, to your root directory, again search for jpgs, and then you can
select them all and delete them, right there on the results.

PS2: Wait a minute.
What have I achieved here?
Well, nothing.
I was interested to know, which cover images are less than Z pixels.
I can see that now in Windows Explorer.
So, I then go and do whatever I was doing to replace those with MP3tag.

PS3: Except for the Dimensions field in Windows Explorer, you can also use Height and Width.

PS4: The above solution is not nice. Because, it can have a negative impact on performance.
The Action goes and looks into each and every MP3, and export its cover image to the same folder.
So, it goes and writes the file many times, overwriting it.
I will try and update the solution.
Preferred way would be to:
Filter first, for only the first MP3 in each folder/album.

PS5: OK now! Updated so we filter only for the first MP3 in each folder/album.
And then apply the action.

The File Browser from within the Album Art Downloader (invoke by [Ctrl+B]) is worth a try, but rather slow.
It looks into folders and into files without extracting embedded images into the folders.
It can display size and dimensions and modified date.
The table view is sortable by different columns.

Thanks for sharing your experiences ... using the other tool, but not Mp3tag. :rolleyes: