Covers: download & update

I've worked a bit with MP3Tag and like it a lot, still discovering new features.
I cannot find a way to:

  1. Show if an MP3 in my collection has a cover associated
  2. Show that cover
  3. Find updated covers of new covers if one doesn't exist (and add that to the MP3 metadata, NOT as a separate file)

Is this possible? How? I searched for specific tools on the Internet and tried a few but nothing could easily do what I wanted.

  1. Filter by "No Cover Art"?
  2. Click on this songs, you see the cover in the tagpanel
  3. How would you do this manually?

#1 OK; I had found a "Cover" column in the meantime already, is shows a "1" if there is a cover
#2 OK; sorry, I had not discovered the tag panel yet (...)
#3 I don't know; like to have a search done (on Internet) based on probably artist and song name (most are songs not organized in albums). Then see suggested covers next to the present one and be able to choose the one I like.

IMHO it is nearly impossible to find the matching cover for a song only with the artist and song name. If you don't know at least the release year & the album name, how would you decide, if you are looking for the cover art from the Single, the EP, the LP, the CD, the digital media?

If you really just are looking for the cover "you like", then I would suggest to do a google picture search and drag & drop the one you like from your browser into Mp3tag into your song (the tagpanel and the cover art landing zone).

I said "based on probably artist and song name"; most of my MP3 files have more information associated. I'd like to think a cover that is presented and chosen by me based on available information could at least match the artist / song and/or album which is better than having no cover at all, wouldn't you agree?

If you want to know if I prefer a cover that probably could be the right one (by accident) is better then no cover at all, my answer is: most likely not :wink:

Seriously: My answer was more implying that I can't imagine an automatism which would help you to decide which cover could probably be the right one. IMHO there is exactly one matching cover for your song/release/album, all others are just wrong.

To decide which cover you have to choose, you need (much) more existing metainformations.

And as I said: most of the time I will probably have that. And If I get a choice, I can choose which one I think is best. And to be honest, if the song is called "Crime of the Century" and the artist is "Supertramp", how many cover do you think I'll get... I'm guessing 95% would be OK (for me) :slight_smile:

MP3tag does not do this automatically.
There are web source scripts that search for covers.
In the web source result dialogue you can set in the utils-button menu how the found cover should be treated.

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Any experience with one? Recommendations?

Feel free to choose one manually:"Crime+of+the+Century"&tbm=isch

The 6min31sec live 1979 version:

The 6min29sec video version:

The 6min32sec live 1988 version:

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I suspect you haven't read what my question was? :wink:

(Actually, your first link sort of proves one of my point: covers are often all more or less the same).

Still looking for a good way to do this...

Try the default web source scripts:

Thanks. That's it. I didn't know that as a fairly new user.

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