Covers edited by mp3tag - Help.

Hello all.

I will copy paste from my thread on xbmc forum :slight_smile: Some guy may have some helpfull info for your guys to do mp3tag even better :smiley:

Hi fellow xbmc addicts.

I've been using XBMC for music lately, and found out that not only did you need to have a jpg in the folder for the mp3 to show a cover.

Some mp3 files, had these hardcoded into some tag.

Usually I run with the feature off, about reading mp3 tags, since sometimes people write wierd stuff in these, so I rename the tracks for proper names.


After using to create covers art in some mp3, none of them is showing up in xbmc

  • not even if I enable mp3 tag thing.

My xbmc is 1 month old at most.

Why will some cover arts be shown and some not?

mp3tag is so easy to work with, so offcourse it doesn't work with xbmc

any advice?

Then some guy reply this;

I don't use xbmc for my mp3 library so I don't know if it supposed to do that but I do use mp3tag for all my tagging because I like the prog. I remember a while ago I was writing a little mp3 player and I found that mp3tag didn't label the cover art properly. It was using the wrong identifier (it's been a while so the info is a little hazy). I had posted a bug report but never heard anything but I also haven't verified in newer versions if he fixed it.

So if xbmc is looking for a specific picture type it might not see it. Just a thought.

And this is also the solution to the thread below, about batch cover art.

I hope you can help getting cover art shown correctly in mp3's so other not so hip music sources can be used and benefit from your neat app.

You can change the cover type via the right-click menu of the cover-art window. I'd try Front and Other.

Some programs also have problems with reading tags stored as ID3v2.4 UTF-8 so you can try writing ID3v2.3 UTF-16 via Options > Tags > Mpeg too.

Kind regards,

Neat, I will test and report back... :slight_smile: Thx for the quick reply.