Covers in dsf files

The Oppo UDP-203 Blu-ray disc player cannot see the covers saved in dsf files (via USB, from HD disk). I am using the latest version of mp3tag v3.0.
Oppo sees covers in all other FLAC and FLAC files without any problems.
Do you know where the problem may be?

DSF files are tagged by Mp3tag using ID3 tags, so maybe this player cannot handle this properly. Maybe the following questions help to narrow it down:

  1. Does the player show other tags from the DSF files?
  2. Does the player show covers saved to other file types using ID3? E.g. try saving a MP3 file with a cover, does the player display this?

If the answer to 1. is no, your player likely does not support ID3 tags in DSF at all. If the answer to 2. is no, the player likely does not understand cover art in ID3 tags.

Hi Philip
Thank you for your response.
The problem is that all DSD files Oppo sees have ID3v2.3 tags and all DSD files Oppo doesn't see also have ID3v2.3 tags.
I tried to tag these files with ID3v2.4 tags, but Oppo can't see them either ...
I assume that this is a problem of the Oppo player, because all files that Oppo cannot see are displayed without problems in the Windows music player (eg Aimp).
I can't only understand why some files with ID3v2.3 are displayed and others are not?