I'm appreciating mp3 tag as very useful tool.

One question:
How can I change the search for a cover from "album" to "artist"?

As you do not tell us which script you use, it is very hard to tell.
Some scripts allow to modify the search string in a dialogue box - which can try.

sorry - bin nicht so tief in der Sache. Was ist gemeint mit script? Ich benutze mp3 tag 2.78 und habe
in "data - sources- "album" in "artist" geändert. Hatte aber keinen Erfolg. Irgendwann vor ein
paar Jahren habe ich das schon mal so hinbekommen. Gibt es sonst eine Einstellung?

Du hast also ein Script bearbeitet und die Zeile

Exakt, und zwar in der Programmdatei unter data\sources\ und dann die Datei

We changed the language from English to German in the international foum in the same thread.
I carry on in English.

This should work and it works here.
But if changing this why don't you change it to "%artist% %album% which will will deliver a much shorter list to select.

Are you sure that you seleted the right folder? You only mention part of the path which should be
C:\Users<i>Your Username\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources

Maybe you changes the src-file in a backup-folder.

You are absolutely right!!!I've changed the setting in a backup file, was war under "programs". Now
I've found the appdata file, which was up to now hidden. After releasing it, I changed the setting -
and it works now!!!

Thank you very much for your immediat help!