Crash closing large library

For a while now (several releases), I noticed that Mp3tag does not close cleanly when I open my entire library of about 90k tracks. I do this from time to time to check if any extraneous tags have crept in or if any of my files are missing RG tags. On Win 7 x86 server (4GB RAM) nothing happens when I click "Close" (X) in upper right window. Eventually, I click it again and get Windows' message that this app has crashed. Thanks.

Does not happen to me and my collection has more tracks (no baosting).
The easiest way could be to delete the library file as this has probably been damaged by the other terminations.
Could it be that your finding is a consequence to the behaviour described in this thread:

And a question on terms:
by "library" do you mean your collection of the library function as set in File>Options>Library.
And does this happen with the library function switched on or off?

And does this happen with the library function switched on or off?

Library function is currently on. I will test on/off. Is having it "off" going to significantly slow my loading time? Thanks.

Loading will be slower - and it could be that you run out of memory with 90k files.

With Library disabled, there was a clean close. Thanks.

Does this mean that your problem had its root cause in a corrupt library. And as soon as you created a new one then the problem was gone?
This would then not really be a bug but some local interference.

Does this mean that

  1. you've now permanently disabled the Library to prevent the issue from happening again or
  2. you've let Mp3tag create a new Library file that doesn't show the issue anymore?

@Apesbrain, it would be great to get your feedback on that and be able to resolve the bug report.

There is little I can do for now — moved the topic from #bug-reports to #support. In case there are more details or someone else experiencing the same, please post here or open another bug report and link to this topic.

Sorry notifications were going to my spam folder. I disabled the library and all has been well since then. I don't feel the need to re-enable it as it doesn't speed things up much for me. Thanks for your help.

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