Crash on exit

For a while now (at least 2 years?) when I exit out of MP3Tag, I get a message that an unexpected error has occurred and would I like to send a file to notify you of the error.

I've sent the file once or twice but never heard back. I have been just "dealing with it" and thought I would check to see if others have had the issue but haven't seen it posted.

If someone can tell me what to do to post a log or something, I'll do it.

BTW - I'm using 2.49b

Mp3tag.dmp (118 KB)

Have you tried to fix the problem in any way? I'd at least uninstall and reinstall the program to see if it helps.

Yep. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Twice.

Because Mp3tag writes it's cfg file at end of the session to the folder %APPDATA%\Mp3tag the problem might occur from this point.
Type into the address line of the explorer and press Enter: %APPDATA%\Mp3tag
Check the permissions and owner of this user folder and the files and folders within.
Do not delete the content of the folder.
Maybe rename the folder for a test and see how Mp3tag will behave.
Start Mp3tag and close Mp3tag, and see what happens.
Please report about your investigations.


Renamed folder. Started up Mp3Tag and closed it. Same result. New folder was created with the name Mp3Tag. Original folder was still there as I had renamed it.

Folder does have Read Only. Tried to turn Read Only off but it came back.

Rather unusual situation.
Note: The application data folder has set the attributes Read Only and Hidden.
There in the folder Mp3tag and all of its subfolders and files should have not set the attribute Read Only.
Did you check the owner of the Mp3tag folder?'
In explorer detail view add the column Owner.
Do you run the Mp3ag application as the same user as the installer user?