Crash when saving Extended tag edits of flac file

Trying to use this wonderful program to edit a album folder of flacs where all the other files successfully saved the changes to the metadata except for one file and I cannot understand why. The program just hangs and I have to force close it. If a moderator or developer would like access to the file, I'll be happy to share it. Thanks.

Have you checked file integrity via, e.g., foobar2000's "Utilities > Verify integrity" from the context menu?

Please send the file or a link to it for analyzing purposes.

Ok thanks for the reply. Using the file integrity tool, it says there is a MD5 mismatch.
I started looking into it and said the cause was a poor encoder, funny as how I purchased the flac from a site. What is the best way to send you the file without uploading a public link?

You can either send a link via email or PM here at the forums.

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue using the example file.

Also getting random CTD when saving after extended tag edits in ver 3.0.0 on Win 10 1903. Files are mp3 and saving APE2 tags. Not repeatable on any particular file.
I have an MP3tag.dmp file if you want it.

If you have MP3 files, please check them for integrity:

Sure. Please send it via PM or email. If you have multiple dumps, please send them all.

Not sure if related to other crashes reported in this thread, but I’ve now experienced one, plus further problems with the file it crashed on. Running latest stable (v3.01) and site has no information on any further development builds at this time. File in question is FLAC, from album “CSNY 1974”, disc 1, track 2, “Wooden Ships”. Added tags PERSONNEL and UNSYNCEDLYRICS via extended tags panel, then pressed ENTER to exit panel and save, when MP3Tag crashed.

Ran MP3Tag again, reloaded album files, selected same track crashed on, pressed ALT-T to reopen extended tags panel, verified that tags mentioned above were indeed added, then pressed ENTER and program immediately crashed again. Any further attempts to open extended tags panel for that particular track/file result in a blank extended tags panel window (let me know if you’d like a screenshot of that).

Foobar2000 integrity check reports no problems with the FLAC file.

Crash dump file will be provided separately. Surprised this forum doesn’t facilitate binary uploads, though.

I've analyzed the crash dump and unfortunately can't find any indication to the cause of this issue.

If you have a FLAC file which reproducible crashes the app, please send it along with a short description on how to reproduce the crash.

This is now most likely also fixed with Mp3tag v3.06d thanks to the progress made via this topic:

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