Crashing on Big Sur with ~15,000 files and using Search

I'm a long-time fan on Windows, and I've just been trying to intro my friend on Mac Big Sur.
We installed the 7-day trial today.
She has two big folders of music - an iTunes/Apple Music folder of ~12,500 songs and a custom folder of ~2,500 songs.
With both folders added, the 15,000 came up ok, but mp3tag crashed on trying to use Search
On a second attempt, with just the 2,500 added, search works fine, but adding in the extra 12,500 from iTunes/Apple Music folder of Music, then again mp3tag immediately crashed on trying to use Search.
This time we did send the crash report off to the Apple Store when asked, so I assume you should have received the crash report from Apple Store.

We were so excited to be able to use mp3tag on Mac Big Sur and really hoping that the crash report will help you identify what the problem is and be able to fix it on the next release.

If you need more info, I can get back onto her Mac and do whatever you suggest and report back.
Many thanks indeed

Hi John and welcome!

Many thanks for recommending Mp3tag and for your detailed bug report! I've tried to find an issue based on your description and might have spotted something.

I'm sending you a link to an internal beta version for v1.2.1 via PM and it would be great, if you could try this with your friend's library.

If it crashes again, please send the crash report from the listed under Crash Reports.


Thanks so much for your quick response, Florian.
It may take a few days to be able to get back on to my friend's Mac, but I'll let you know.
It occurred to me that what's unusual about adding an iTunes music library is that every song is in its own folder, and that's a lot of of folders too... maybe that's contributing.
Anyway, I've got the beta link and will try it out asap.
PS When we opened the trial, it said we had 5 days left (instead of 6 (or 7?)) But no matter, it's really nice that you measure the trail by number of days used rather than elapsed - never seen that before... a very nice touch :slight_smile:

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Greetings Florian


This time Search function worked fine just typing in keywords, albeit rather slow, not the instant response I'm used to - but that may be simply down to the enormous number of files!

However when I entered

album HAS keyword

it didn't seem to work - i.e. there were algum tags still displaying that didn't contain the keyword

I'm not so familiar with filter syntax, so I tried

%album% HAS keyword

and then it crashed!

The crash report from the Console is attached (added .txt to make it uploadable!) - many thanks again and good luck

Mp3tag_2021-06-09-095828_Ruths-MacBook-Pro-2.crash.txt (104.2 KB)

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Many thanks for your tests! I think I've reproduce the issue and also created a new beta version for testing (link via PM).

album HAS keyword is correct syntax. Maybe you didn't wait long enough for the result to be populated? 15.000 files is not nothing :smiley:

There seems to be a special file in the library which results in the crashes. Can you try the filter
and see if it lists something?

It's great we're making progress! Thanks again.

  1. It will again be a day or two to be able to retest (over a remote support connection).

  2. I have a similar but smaller subset of the same library of files here on my Windows 10 system, which is a total of 11,700 files loaded up into mp3tag:
    a) album HAS keyword is astonishingly fast to produce full list of results... as good as instant, maybe 0.3 second! (whereas on the Mac it displays in staggered stages over several seconds, and it's not clear when it has completed - not complaining, just FYI, and I'm not saying it's a fast Mac!)
    b) when I put in * MATCHES ^$ here, it lists 540 files, which are seemingly random.
    I'm not sure what * MATCHES ^$ - means... is it to display all files with any field that starts with "$" or does ^$ mean something else (starts with a function name, perhaps)?
    (NB if I just type in $ into the Filter bar, it comes up with zero results)

Great! Thanks a lot.

2a) I'll look into speed improvements. Thanks for your feedback on this.
2b) It should match fields which don't have any content, MATCHES uses a regular expression and ^ denotes the beginning and $ the end of a string (in this case, the empty string).

Cheers. next update should be on Monday

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Hi Florian,

First the goods news – no crashing anymore with the 1.2.1 beta 5 version!

Also, when I put in * MATCHES ^$ it produced no results (and didn’t crash)

Now some more feedback:

  • Search function still seems unreliable:
    • It’s still pretty slow – takes 30 seconds or more to complete, and it keeps producing more results in stages, every few seconds and not sure when it’s finished
    • Entering simply the keyword heron, kept producing more and more results until there were 13,000 results out of 16,000 entries
    • But coming back to the searching for heron again later produced the correct number of ~50 results, although there were a few that we couldn’t find any reference to heron in any of the tags or path.
  • Because there seemed to no option to Customise Columns there are tags that can’t be displayed, but which are integral to the way we manage these files, such as Title Sort, Artist Sort, Album Sort, AlbumArtist Sort, Movement Name, Grouping, Description, Subtitle, Directory.. Did I miss it, or is there a way to Customise columns?
  • Part of why we need mp3tag is to help rationalise many duplicate or redundant files. After identifying a set, we need to be able to delete them directly from mp3tag – in Windows, it’s right click Delete – but this option (or a Move to Bin option) does not seem to be present (nor in the Edit menu). The only way seemed to be to open in Finder, but that produces far too many Finder Windows to be practical.Iis there a way to Move to Bin from within mp3tag for Mac?

Any insight you can give on these issues will be most welcome

Many thanks

Thanks for your feedback! Glad the crash is resolved.

  1. I'll look into filter performance. I'm currently working on something different, but it's high on my list.

  2. You can customize the columns via Preferences → File List and also add those fields to the Tag Panel on the left via Preferences → Tag Panel. To identify the correct field names, either use those listed in the extended tag dialog at ⌘T or refer to this overview.

  3. You can hold down the Option key to change Remove to Delete or use ⌥⌫

Ah, I see! Thank you, Florian
and that's a very handy tag overview I'd not seen before.
Do let me know here if you make any progress on the filter function, please... :slight_smile:

I think I've made progress regarding filter performance and also created a new beta version for testing (link via PM).

I've decided that all these improvements should be made available publicly and just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.2.1 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and feedback! Still curious about the possible filter performance improvements.

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