Create a new sub directory

i want to make a sub directory from the existing directory
\%album% Disc #\%filename%

to the following
\%album%\Disc #\%filename%

can anyone help?

Provided you have filled the tag %discnumber% ...

If you need to add a directory use the converter tag-filename and the mask
%album%\Disc %discnumber%$num(%track%,2 _ %title%
This will move all files to the new directoy but keep the old one.

If you want to rename the current directory then create an action of the type
Format Tag Field
Format String
%album%\Disc %discnumber%

This renames the current directory to the new name according to the data found in the first selected track of the current directory.

thanks ohrenkino!

i dont have any tag info currently for the files. so im one step behind your suggestion at the moment.

this is what i have currently
D:\MP3\Clubland\Clubland 01 Disc 1
D:\MP3\Clubland\Clubland 01 Disc 2\

i want to be able to convert it into
D:\MP3\Clubland\Clubland 01\Disc 1
D:\MP3\Clubland\Clubland 01\Disc 2\

is there a way of splitting "\Clubland ## Disk #" so that i can get mp3tag to put "Clubland##" into the %Album% and "Disc #" into %discnumber% fields

See pictures ...


BINGO! was staring me in the face all the time! i couldn't see the forest for the trees!! Thanks Detlev!