Create a seperate tag file for each line

Hi, I am an newbie and today am hoping someone can help me ....

I have been able to create a single csv file formatted exactly as i want for a few thousand tracks.
however what i would like is to create seperate file for each track ?

here is a sample from the large file

0001.mp3;These Are Days;10,000 Maniacs;MTV Unplugged;01/14;1993;04:54;;
0002.mp3;Eat For Two;10,000 Maniacs;MTV Unplugged;02/14;1993;04:23;;
0003.mp3;Candy Everybody Wants;10,000 Maniacs;MTV Unplugged;03/14;1993;03:20;;

what i would like is to have a single file named xxx.txt for each line ? rather than a single large file

do you think this is possible using the export facility ?


You could use the export function to create a batch file that writes each line to a separate file like
echo 0001.mp3;These Are Days;10,000 Maniacs;MTV Unplugged;01/14;1993;04:54;; >xxx.txt
You may want to modify the "xxx.txt" with a variable.
A next step would be to execute the batch file which then creates the individual files.
I assume that the xxx.txt would have to be appended with an absolute path component to avoid that the file xxx.txt gets overwritten each time.

what i am after is a file for each mp3 track that contains the tags I need

so for exmaple 0001.mp3 would have a matching 0001.txt and 0002.mpr have a matching 0002.txt etc

not sure exactly how create the batch sorry I am a little slow !

thanks for helping me


i have managed to get 1 file per folder but i really would like 1 file per track

you would have to replace the

part with the matching filename - so probably you have to copy the "0001" part from

so that the refrenced filename in

echo 0001.mp3;These Are Days;10,000 Maniacs;MTV Unplugged;01/14;1993;04:54;; >0001.txt
and that has to happen in every line for the resulting text file name.

As the export function deals with files that already have tags I fear that your existing file either has to be imported into the tags before you use the export function or not a lot can be done with the export from MP3tag.
You would have to create a suitable .bat file from the source from which you got the csv-data.

You could post-process your export-file with the help of an external program.
Have a look at
One of it's many features is to split files after a certain pattern. In your case this pattern would be 0x0D0x0A which stands for CRLF, that occurs in your file at the end of each line.

hi thank you for help i am sorted now !


excellent have sorted it now, very many thanks.

And what did you do?
Perhaps that helps other users.

Hi,I used the export facility as you suggested to create a line per track adding the echo command along with appropriate fields and free from text. The has produced the text files just as I required.

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