Create Action Groups in a Text File?

Is it possible to create an action group from a text file and then import that action group into mp3tag for Mac? Here's what I mean: Say I want to create a lot of "Replace" actions and put them all in one action group called "Fix Genres". So I want to create an action that replaces the text "Concerto for Piano" to the text "Piano Concerto" I want to create another "Replace" action that replaces "Sonata for violin and piano" to the text "Violin Sonata" I then create a 3rd "Replace" action that replaces the text "Quartet for Strings" to "String Quartet", etc etc etc (create a lot of these). I would like to know if there is a way to create a plain text (.txt) file that uses a syntax for the "Replace" action (or any other action) to create these different "Replace" examples and then import this .txt file into mp3tag for Mac that will then create the Action Group in the Action Group menu so that they are ready to use now when I set that Action Group. I would be surprised (but thrilled) if this is possible but I think it would be extremely cool and extremely useful.

You could use the scripting function $replace() that allows several pairs of search and replace terms.
So this could look like $replace(%genre%,Concerto for Piano,Piano Concerto,Sonata for violin and piano,Violin Sonata,Quartet for Strings,String Quartet).
Use an action of the type "Format value" for Genre (if that is the field that you want to update).

Sweet! Thanks a lot.