Create Action That Only Works On Specified File Types

Is it possible to create an action that would only work on specific file types? For instance, exporting album art from files with .m4a extensions only (ignoring .mp3, .wav, etc.). I know I can accomplish this manually. Just wondering if there's a way to fully automate the task. Thanks!

The easiest way would still be to filter for such conditions.

Then as rule of thumb: you can do that for almost any action that allows a format string unless the format string describes a mandatory parameter. A filename would be a mandatory parameter.
Having a particular field or not is not mandatory, so that should work.
You would have to repeat the condition in every format string.
So I still think that the filter is the easier way.

Ok, that is helpful. I hadn't thought about using the filter. That should make the task easier. Thank you!

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