Create an export template in "txt" to post in forums in [bbcode]

I need your help for a .txt export file, for album presentations on bbcode forums.

For a solo album I would like it to look like this:

[ORIGINAL] M83 - Junk
M83 - Junk (2016) [FLAC / HI-RES]

Artsite: M83
Album: Junk
Année: 2016-04-08
Genre: Alternative
Label: M83 Recording Inc
Disque: 1
Tracks: 15
Durée: 55:45

1. Do It, Try It
2. Go! [color=red](feat. Mai Lan)[/color]
3. Walkway Blues [color=red](feat. J. Laser)[/color]
4. Bibi the Dog [color=red](feat. Mai Lan)[/color]
5. Moon Crystal
6. For the Kids [color=red](feat. Susanne Sundfør)[/color]
7. Solitude
8. The Wizard
9. Laser Gun [color=red](feat. Mai Lan)[/color]
10. Road Blaster
11. Tension
12. Atlantique Sud [color=red](feat. Mai Lan)[/color]
13. Time Wind [color=red](feat. Beck)[/color]
14. Ludivine
15. Sunday Night 1987

for 16 bit M83-Junk-CD-FLAC-2016 "name of the directory 1 where the tracklist is located"
for 24 bit M83-Junk-WEB-HI-RES-2016 "name of the directory 2 where the tracklist is located"

This example was made on tagscanner,

I would like it to look like this when I make an export when it's a solo album "with feat."

I don't know if I'm clear, before I used Tagscanner but since 2 versions it crashes.

It would be nice if a good soul could help me,

I don't know where the help should start.
but e.g. to get the inserted color statement, try something like this:
%track%. $regexp(%title%,$1 '['color=red']'$2'['/color']')$loopend()

More information about scripting and special export variables can be found in the help


Thank you for your feedback, I tried to make this code :

$if(%compilation%,'['b']'$num(%track%,1).'['/b']' %artist% - %title%,'['b']'$num(%track%,1).'['/b']' %title%) $if(%involvedpeople%,%involvedpeople%)

but here's what it shows me

01. Abou Tall - Intro)
02. Abou Tall - Paris Centre)
03. Abou Tall - La frappe)
04. Abou Tall - Bosser)
05. Abou Tall - Retiens tes larmes)
06. Abou Tall - Rat des villes)
07. Abou Tall - Je veux de toi)
08. Abou Tall - Rue de la traîtrise)
09. Abou Tall - Mona Moore)
10. Abou Tall feat. S.Pri Noir - Eau de cologne)
11. Abou Tall feat. Dadju - Cadenas)
12. Abou Tall feat. Lynda - Next Level)
13. Abou Tall - La clé)
14. Abou Tall feat. Lefa - Fermer la porte)
15. Abou Tall - Ghetto Chic)
16. Abou Tall - La vie continue (Bonus track))
17. Abou Tall - Blessé (Bonus track))

But I wanted him to display this:

1. Intro
2. Paris Centre
3. La frappe
4. Bosser
5. Retiens tes larmes
6. Rat des villes
7. Je veux de toi
8. Rue de la traîtrise
9. Mona Moore
10. Eau de cologne (feat. S.Pri Noir)
11. Cadenas (feat. Dadju)
12. Next Level (feat. Lynda)
13. La clé
14. Fermer la porte (feat. Lefa)
15. Ghetto Chic
16. La vie continue (Bonus track)
17. Blessé (Bonus track)

The "feat." are well registered in the "involvedpeople" section.

The I dry

I think that

Is a little short as it requires a real boolean comparison, like $neql($len(%compilation%),0)

$if($neql($len(%compilation%),0),'['b']'$num(%track%,1).'['/b']' %artist% - %title%,'['b']'$num(%track%,1).'['/b']' %title%)

I would probably streamline the code a little as it looks a little redudant to me:
'['b']'$num(%track%,1).'['/b']'$if($neql($len(%compilation%),0)," %artist% -",) %title%

the same applies to the involvedpeople construction, even though that could be cured with [%involvedpeople%] where the square brackets serve as implicit "if".

Thank you,

I didn't understand everything, I'm not very good in English, I come from France and I go through a translator.

I was wondering if I shouldn't rather make a script, by categories

  • Compilation (single or multi)
  • Solo album (single or multi)
  • Solo album (feat.) (single or multi)

I'm still going to need help