Create an HTML export configuration

Hi everyone!
First of all I would like to thank all the developers of this great Tool, the best on the Net and very very useful for a music lover like me.
This is my problem.
I've a Music folder with a huge amount of mp3 files. I'm very precise in filling tag, for each file I usually put these voices: Title, Comments, Artist, Album Artist, Album Name, Year, Tack Number, Genre, Editor, Composers and BPM.

My goal is to print on paper a sheet for each Album. I tried to search inside old threads on this Community and I found an Export Configuration that's close to what I'm looking for (made by squank63), but I'd like to make some edits to it, adding something new and deleting other details.

So, here are my questions:
1- Can anyone advice my about which tool I need to edit or create a new Export Configuration? Is there a tutorial on strings to put inside them? Is there a template? It would be a starting point...
2-Would anyone more expert than me voluntarily help me in doing such a thing?

I created a doc file to let you understand which my idea is. I hope it can be realized in some way.
I wait for your replies.
Thanks to all!!!

you need a plain text editor

See the online help on exports (press F1)

The standard installation comes with a sample html script.

Then it should be easy for you to see the places where you have html statements, text constants and need to insert tag variables.
To me it looks as though you need at least 3 nested $loop() statements:
one for the artist, one for the album and the last for the tracks.

If you use word already, and your primary goal is to get a printable version, I doubt that HTML is the best output format on paper - you could consider to use the mail merge function.
This would require a plain text export with $char(9) as separator between the fields and you would not have to debug the html code.

Thank you very much for your quick reply ohrenkino!!

Before going deeper into the text editor, I would like to ask some tips about this mail merge function mode: does it have the possibility to organize the sheet with tables and squares as I tried to do in the doc example, or it would be just a simple text divided just by blank lines?

Thanks a lot, I'm solving an issue with my hard drive so I'm unable to run the program in next hours ...

with which program did you create the doc file?
If it is MS Word, then please have a look at the mail merge function help in MS Word.
Basically, you create a template with references to field variables in a data source.
THis MS word stuff.
MP3tag can help you to create the data source.

Wow that's great!!! It would be wonderful, I'll keep you updated!!! :blush:
Starting from tomorrow I'll try to learn about it :wink: