Create anothers File rename (example Karaokes)

Dears MP3Tag's Creators.

At First... Congratulations for this wonderfull program.. I couldn't dream something better.

To the point. Y have a colection of karaokes (.kar o.mid fles) too, and there aren't programs to raname or organize that, with the same facilities than MP3tag give me with my mp3 collection.

There are one program rather similar (siren)... is quite good, but is not posible rename or fill the metadata like yours.

I think that... It will be wonderfull twice, if you increase this program to suport another kind of files with metadata (Audio, Kar, Pictures, etc.).

Juan Carlos Jerez

PD. Ask excuses for my rust englísh.

Unfortunately it is not planned to add support for non-audio files.

Kind regards,