Create Artist & Title from filename?

Hi Everyone, pretty new to all of this - can someone help me please? I have song titles like this: The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever.mp3 and want to create artist & title from the file name but no idea what to do. Can someone get me on the right course of action please? Thank You so much.


You could read the first steps on how to import parts of the filename into tags:

If you need any further help, let us know what exactly doesn't work for you.


Really Helpful - Thank You so much!

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I'm getting there! but when I put in the following %artist% %title% it results in the dash being copied as well eg: The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever, becomes The Beatles - (note the dash) followed by the title (which is correct), how can I do it without carrying the dash over - sorry to bother you!

No problem.

Just use a format string like
%artist% - %title%
include the space the dash and the space into your "import string".
Every single character counts for such a convert function.

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Fab - I'll have a go - Thank you once againnnn

Bingo! - All sorted - Thank you so much LL, you're a lifesaver!
Top man!

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